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February 29, 2012

Zack Whedon (Author), Joelle Jones (Illustrator), Jim Rugg (Illustrator), Farel Dalrymple (Illustrator), Eric Cenete (Illustrator)

Based on the Emmy Award-winning web series Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, this collection of stories written by Zack Whedon (Deadwood, Fringe) chronicles some of the earliest adventures in the lives of archenemies Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible. This anthology solves many unanswered questions left over from the show. For instance: What event inspired Dr. Horrible to become the world's greatest criminal mastermind? Why is Penny, the beautiful girl from the Laundromat, still single? How can you, the reader, be like blustering do-gooder Captain Hammer? And why is Horrible's sidekick, Moist, so... um... well, you'll find out! 
 Have you watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog yet? No? Then go. Now. Then come back read this. Then go watch How I Met Your Mother. Please.

Seriously, it's amazing. The music, the everything is unbelievably awesome. If you love Neil Patrick Harris, Barney, or Dr. Horrible you're guaranteed to love it. The comic book goes along with the blog, covering the back story of all the characters and giving us more of Dr. Horrible and his humble beginnings in the world of evil villantry. Bad Horse and his choir of men make an appearance as well as Moist, Penny, Captain Hammer, his groupies, and a bunch of other evil villains that are mentioned on the blog.

Seriously, just watch it.
What would NPH do?


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