I got some new books!

December 31, 2011

I stopped by The Grove today and suddenly found myself in the bookstore. As you can imagine, I had to buy something.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan
Paperback321 pages
Published April 5th 2011 by Speak 
One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, Will Grayson crosses paths with . . . Will Grayson. Two teens with the same name, running in two very different circles, suddenly find their lives going in new and unexpected directions, and culminating in epic turns-of-heart and the most fabulous musical ever to grace the high school stage. Told in alternating voices from two YA superstars, this collaborative novel features a double helping of the heart and humor that have won them both legions of fans.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Paperback372 pages
Published December 2nd 2010 by Penguin Group (USA)
Anna is looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a great job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. Which is why she is less than thrilled about being shipped off to boarding school in Paris - until she meets Etienne St. Clair: perfect, Parisian (and English and American, which makes for a swoon-worthy accent), and utterly irresistible. The only problem is that he's taken, and Anna might be, too, if anything comes of her almost-relationship back home.As winter melts into spring, will a year of romantic near - misses end with the French kiss Anna - and readers - have long awaited?

The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson by Emily Dickinson, Rachel Wetzston (Introduction)

Paperback361 pages
Published October 12th 2003 by Barnes & Noble Classics (first published 1924

Includes an index of first lines.


Volia! I've already read the first two, but as you can imagine it was buy 2 get 1 free and I just had to have them! Plus, who can resist a John Green novel?

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December 26, 2011

Review: Paranormalacy by Kristen Wigg

Paranormalcy by 

(Paranormalcy #1)

Hardcover, US, 335 pages
Published August 2010 by HarperTeen



Weird as it is working for the International Paranormal Containment Agency, Evie’s always thought of herself as normal. Sure, her best friend is a mermaid, her ex-boyfriend is a faerie, she's falling for a shape-shifter, and she's the only person who can see through paranormals' glamours, but still. Normal. 
Only now paranormals are dying, and Evie's dreams are filled with haunting voices and mysterious prophecies. She soon realizes that there may be a link between her abilities and the sudden rash of deaths. Not only that, but she may very well be at the center of a dark faerie prophecy promising destruction to all paranormal creatures. 
So much for normal
My Thoughts:

I honestly had really high hopes for this book. Really high. And I suppose that was the problem, because Paranormalcy was just okay. Evie seems to have it great at first. An action packed life filled with adventure and danger. But as you learn more about her and the career she's fulfilling, things get darker and we learn that all isn't as it appears. Then there's Reth who I thought was fine until you realise very early on that he's out of the question. Finally, there's Lend, her love interest who never looks the same and is constantly changing - literally.

I wouldn't say that there was anything completely wrong with it. I just didn't think the writing was superb, the character's weren't all that they could have, and the flow was out of sync for me.

What I Liked:

  • The Story. It  was really interesting and unique, and quite frankly I would kill for her job. 
  • Lend. Her love interest in the story who seems to changes into one hot guy after another.
  • The Conflict. The antagonist can either be seen as a multitude of people and Evie and Lend's fight to overcome and survive makes the story really exciting.
  • The Creatures. What would I give for my best friend to be a mermaid.
What I Didn't Like:
  • The Shows. I didn't understand why she had to be completely obsessed with her teen high school drama.
  • Tasey. That's right, she names her pink taser 'Tasey'. 
  • Relationships. It seemed almost too easy for Lend and Evie to get together. 
  • Evie. I didn't hate her, but if she went to my school I would know for a fact that we wouldn't get along. Plus she seemed like a total Mary Sue.
Should You Read It?
If you like reading about interesting creatures, cute romances, vampires, mermaids, teenage angst, and a bucket load of pink (was it me or was there a lot of it?) then by all means. Everyone else seems to enjoy it. 

Cover:   5 Stars
It's so pretty!

Review: A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

(All Souls Trilogy #1)

Hardcover, 579 pages
Published February 8th 2011 by Viking Adult

Rating:   4 Stars


A richly inventive novel about a centuries-old vampire, a spellbound witch, and the mysterious manuscript that draws them together. 
Deep in the stacks of Oxford's Bodleian Library, young scholar Diana Bishop unwittingly calls up a bewitched alchemical manuscript in the course of her research. Descended from an old and distinguished line of witches, Diana wants nothing to do with sorcery; so after a furtive glance and a few notes, she banishes the book to the stacks. But her discovery sets a fantastical underworld stirring, and a horde of daemons, witches, and vampires soon descends upon the library. Diana has stumbled upon a coveted treasure lost for centuries-and she is the only creature who can break its spell. 
Debut novelist Deborah Harkness has crafted a mesmerizing and addictive read, equal parts history and magic, romance and suspense. Diana is a bold heroine who meets her equal in vampire geneticist Matthew Clairmont, and gradually warms up to him as their alliance deepens into an intimacy that violates age-old taboos. This smart, sophisticated story harks back to the novels of Anne Rice, but it is as contemporary and sensual as the Twilight series-with an extra serving of historical realism.
My Thoughts:

I have to say that when I first got this book I had never heard of it before. I was at my library looking through my new book section, thought it looked interesting, and took it home. It really was a pleasant surprise to realise that I had found a little treasure trove of awesomeness in the novel I had picked up. Granted, it did take me a while to finish (it's pretty big), but I finished it none less. Diana, a powerful witch who refuses to use her powers, teams up with Matthew Clairmont to protect an old book that may hide the key to not only vampire's existence, but for witches and dameons alike. 

It really was a great book with a really interesting plot. There's just enough of romance and really juicy historical facts to keep you going and the many characters are always nice. It does have some downers, like the fact that the ending leaves you hanging and the fact that there are moments in the book that make you want to throw in down or fall asleep. But I think because it's so large it makes up for its disappointments. 

What I liked about it:
  • The Story. It was really different from anything that I had read recently and definitely refreshing. I like to think that there really are witches and vampires out there.
  • The Romance. Diana and Matthew have that romance that we all want to have. If they ever make this into a movie I nominate Richard Armitage for Matthew!
  • The History. Considering that the author's a history professor at USC, the stuff in the novel was really interesting and I could relate a lot of what was mentioned with the knowledge of the time period they spoke of.
  • The Characters. There were so many and each was a interesting as the next with rich history (the main characters anyways).

What I didn't like about it:
  • The "In-between" Scenes. Between the main events of the little multiple climaxes of the story there seemed to be resting periods for the characters. Not that I mind, but simply nothing happened and there didn't seem to be much plot development. There's only so much I can take of horse back riding.
  • The Minor Characters. There were some really interesting people that never got to be explored. 
  • The Yoga. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against it. But there's so much of it and it does nothing for the story. It's like the author just put it there so she could introduce new settings.
  • The French. Because some of the characters are french the author felt like it would be cool to write some of the passages in french. Now, I take french in school, but I still had to visit Google Translate for some of the lengthier passages.
  • The Kidnapping. You'd think in a house full of vampires and witches she wouldn't get kidnapped. 
Should You Read it?
If you're in for a long read that's filled with romance, historical tidbits, and an interesting story line, that go for it. 

Cover Rating:  3.5 Stars
Not the prettiest thing out there, but it does grab you attention.

Happy Holidays!

December 25, 2011

I know you probably won't read this, but seeing as Christmas is very nearly over and the New Years celebrations are about to begin, I thought, why not start up the old book blog again, eh? That should be my thing

So yeah... here there it is. My New Years resolution for 2012. Read and blog more! 

I've also just watched Doctor Who and I'm emotional right now. That show really gets my tear ducts going. 

Anywho, watch out for me in the coming year and even a little bit before then too. I have a lot to catch up on. 

Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Review: Tangled by Carolyn Mackler

April 25, 2011

Tangled by Carolyn Mackler
Hardcover, 308 pages

Published December 29th 2009 by HarperTeen (first published December 16th 2009)

Rating:   3.5 Stars

  Paradise wasn't supposed to suck.
  Not the state of being, but a resort in the Caribbean.
Jena, Dakota, Skye, and Owen are all there for different reasons, but at Paradise their lives become tangled together in ways none of them can predict. Paradise will change them all.
  It will change Jena, whose first brush with romance takes her that much closer to having a life, and not just reading about those infinitely cooler and more exciting.
It will change Dakota, who needs the devastating truth about his past to make him realize that he doesn't have to be a jerk just because people think he's one.
  It will change Skye, a heartbreakingly beautiful actress, who must come to terms with the fact that for once she has to stop playing a role or face the consequences.
And it will change Owen, who has never risked anything before and who will take the leap from his online life to a real one all because of a girl he met at Paradise. . . .
From confused to confident and back again, one thing's certain: Four months after it all begins, none of them will ever be the same.  (Goodreads)
My Thoughts:

Must I say that this is definitely a nice breath of fresh air. With the different point of views we get a glimpse inside each of the characters mind. Jena was so relatable that I could almost find myself doing some of the things she does. Dakota, although definitely a jerk, grew on me and became a very well thought out character. Skye, a conflicted teenage movie star, gave me the wrong impression at first and I immediately hated, just as Jena did. But, similar to Jena, you realize that she's going through things as well. And Owen was just utterly adorable. If I could imagine my future husband I would definitely say it would be him. He's sweet, but insecure. He's awkward, but understanding. I love 'em.

What I Loved:

  • Jena and her book of everything. Her numerous quotes and ideas. And her similar thought processes as my own. She's awesome.
  • Dakota and his character dynamics. He changes for the better and realizes what his faults have been and seemingly tries to be a better person. And, after everything he's been through with his girlfriend, I'm glad he's moving on.
  • Skye and her problems. They were so real and completely plausible. I'm glad she was able to get help.
  • Owen! He's so sweet. Period.
What I Didn't Like:

  • I just couldn't grab my interest. Believe me when I say that it wasn't the book, it wasn't me.
  • The ending wasn't satisfying enough.

Should You Read It?

If you're in the mood for a sweet romance with real, authentic, original characters, then yes. You really, really should.

Cover:  3 stars
It's cute enough I suppose. The ribbons were sweet and quirky and metaphorical.

Review: The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

March 19, 2011

The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

Hardcover, 416 pages
Published August 10th 2010 by Razorbill

5 stars

Haven Moore can't control her visions of a past with a boy called Ethan, and a life in New York that ended in fiery tragedy. In our present, she designs beautiful dresses for her classmates with her best friend Beau. Dressmaking keeps her sane, since she lives with her widowed and heartbroken mother in her tyrannical grandmother's house in Snope City, a tiny town in Tennessee. Then an impossible group of coincidences conspire to force her to flee to New York, to discover who she is, and who she was.

In New York, Haven meets Iain Morrow and is swept into an epic love affair that feels both deeply fated and terribly dangerous. Iain is suspected of murdering a rock star and Haven wonders, could he have murdered her in a past life? She visits the Ouroboros Society and discovers a murky world of reincarnation that stretches across millennia. Haven must discover the secrets hidden in her past lives, and loves¸ before all is lost and the cycle begins again. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts:

 When ever I'm looking for a new book to read, I don't normally go for the reincarnation themed loved stories -not after my experience with Evermore- but the hype surrounding this book and it's plot sounded really interesting. What I didn't expect was what it actually was: an amazing, original piece of literature. It's a story of mystery, romance, and a hint of fantasy with unexpected surprises around every turn. It's just really, really, really, really awesome and before you know it, it becomes one of those books that you won't be able to put down.

What I Loved About It:

  • The first part of the book is set in Haven's tiny home town of Snope City, Tennessee where we're first introduced to the characters. Miller's writing is charming and really draws you in, getting to to care for -or in some cases- hate characters right away.
  • I now it might sound weird, but I really liked Haven's uber religious and extremely mean grandmother, Imogen. I hated her with a passion, and because of that, I got really involved with the book.
  • I loved Beau, Haven's gay best friend. He was so nice and became an awesome addition to the plot. 
  • Now, Iain Morrow. What can I say? Is it weird that I'm completely in love with this fictional character? Dreamy, mysterious, rich, and a seemingly nice person. 
  • The plot twists in the novel were unexpected and every chapter you had no idea what to expect.
  • The Ouroboros Society was an interesting component. Something that seems really plausible. :)
  • The ending. 
What I Didn't Really Like About It:
(As I write this, I can't really find much I don't like about it. But I'm sure I can think of something...)

  • A lot of the people in her home town get on your nerves really easily. 
  • Some of the characters seem really unbelievable and really shallow.
  • I would've liked to read more about Leah and her church. She helped Haven a lot and we don't really learn much about her.
  • Some of the dialogue kinda sucked, especially the southern expressions and such. 
  • I didn't get to see as much Rebecca and Adam as I would have liked.
  • That priest guy, Dr. Tidmore, personality change was weird...
Is it Worth the Read?
If you want an interesting mystery with equally interesting characters and an awesome plot, it's definitely worth the read.

Cover: 3 stars
I didn't actually realise the cover was a snake until I read about what it symbolized. Plus, it's kinda plain...

Review: The Espressologist by Kristina Springer

March 17, 2011

The Espressologist by Kristina Springer

184 pages
Published October 27th 2009 
by Farrar Straus Giroux 

3.5 Stars 

What’s your drink of choice? Is it a small pumpkin spice latte? Then you’re lots of fun and a bit sassy. Or a medium americano? You prefer simplicity in life. Or perhaps it’s a small decaf soy sugar-free hazelnut caffe latte? Some might call you a yuppie. Seventeen-year-old barista Jane Turner has this theory that you can tell a lot about a person by their regular coffee drink. She scribbles it all down in a notebook and calls it Espressology. So it’s not a totally crazy idea when Jane starts hooking up some of her friends based on their coffee orders. Like her best friend, Em, a medium hot chocolate, and Cam, a toffee nut latte. But when her boss, Derek, gets wind of Jane’s Espressology, he makes it an in-store holiday promotion, promising customers their perfect matches for the price of their favorite coffee. Things are going better than Derek could ever have hoped, so why is Jane so freaked out? Does it have anything to do with Em dating Cam? She’s the one who set them up! She should be happy for them, right?
With overtones of Jane Austen’s Emma and brimming with humor and heart, this sweet, frothy debut will be savored by readers. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

It had been one of those weeks were I really couldn't get into a book. Everything I picked up lost my interest instantaneously. Maybe it was school, maybe it was the family, but it really doesn't matter. I came back right after I finished this book. I have to admit, I was kind of hesitant. As much as I loved the cover, I was worried it wouldn't be something I'd like because it's really short.

The story is told from first person POV. Jane, our main character is an "equal opportunity ditcher", spending her time away from her classes working at a coffee shop and studying the relationship that drinks have with people. Before she knows it she's setting people up and becoming the local matchmaker.

What I loved about it:
  • The entire concept of the story was too cute to resist. Coffee and Love? As cliche as it may seem you can't resist it.
  • Jane seems like someone you can really relate to. She's not perfect and can sometimes be sorta thick headed. But, in the end, she's just like everyone else.
  • Throughout the book you get to learn new coffee terms and what she thinks of each person that drinks it. My favorite:

Small Pumpkin Spice Latte
 Lots of fun and a bit sassy. Up-to-date with a the latest trend and has a bit of an exotic flair. Wants to have a good time and not be tied down for long. Cute and playful. Likes a good thing but not too much of a good thing. Not the commitment type. She's the kind of friend who is a lot of fun to hang out with and doesn't make you feel like you owe her anything...
  • The various love stories that go about along with the many different characters she gets to meet.
 What I Didn't Like
  • Jane and Em got on my nerves sometimes...
  • You'd expect that the matchmaker herself would hook up but you don't know whether the one guy she likes is a douche or even likes her at all. Then she gets with someone unexpected and your like: "WHAT?!" 
  • You can't believe that some of the characters are that stupid.
  • Some what unbelievable -cute- but unbelievable.
  • A lot of characters are introduced and you'd expect to get to know them better, but they don't really amount to anything. I guess, this being a short book you'd expect that, but still...
 Should You Read It? 
Yes. It might not be stellar writing, but it's definitely worth a quick read.
Cover: 4 stars 
It's cute and really inviting. Plus the coffee looks yummy! 

Review: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

February 12, 2011

Across the Universe by Beth Revis

398 pages
Published January 11th 2011 by Razorbill


A love out of time. A spaceship built of secrets and murder.
Seventeen-year-old Amy joins her parents as frozen cargo aboard the vast spaceship Godspeed and expects to awaken on a new planet, three hundred years in the future. Never could she have known that her frozen slumber would come to an end fifty years too soon and that she would be thrust into the brave new world of a spaceship that lives by its own rules.
Amy quickly realizes that her awakening was no mere computer malfunction. Someone-one of the few thousand inhabitants of the spaceship-tried to kill her. And if Amy doesn't do something soon, her parents will be next.
Now Amy must race to unlock Godspeed's hidden secrets. But out of her list of murder suspects, there's only one who matters: Elder, the future leader of the ship and the love she could never have seen coming. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

This was definitely a pleasant surprise. I wasn't sure about it at first. A YA Sci-Fi/Romance? This was new and I had to read it.

The love story between Amy and Elder is kind of the back burner of this epic  story, but the adventure and the mystery driving the plot was amazing. Think The Giver + Space + Unwind  in the awesomest context you can think of.

Elder is going to be the leader of the ship Godspeed but he soon discovers that there are secrets hidden from him when he finds frozen bodies in a part of this ship that's not supposed to exist. Amy, a girl that was woken up years before she is supposed to  teams up with Elder to discover just what exactly is wrong.  This to me is what makes the entire story and I'm glad. For once the romance wasn't fueling this amazing story. 

The mystery was hidden underneath the secrets of the ship and were slowly revealed. At points in the novel you can't help but to just set it down and mull over it and try and grasp what's really happening. I mean, I couldn't believe what was happening and when Eldest finally reveals what's been going on you going into a state of shock. Well... I did at least.

The entire book kept me on edge and literally wouldn't let me put it down before I figured out the ship's secret. It's a MUST READ!!!!

Cover/Read: This is by far my favorite book cover so far this year and possibly ever. It's amazing.

Review: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

The Iron King (Iron Fey #1) by Julie Kagawa

363 pages
Published February 1st 2010 by Harlequin Teen



Meghan Chase has a secret destiny—one she could never have imagined…
Something has always felt slightly off in Meghan's life, ever since her father disappeared before her eyes when she was six. She has never quite fit in at school…or at home.
When a dark stranger begins watching her from afar, and her prankster best friend becomes strangely protective of her, Meghan senses that everything she's known is about to change.
But she could never have guessed the truth—that she is the daughter of a mythical faery king and is a pawn in a deadly war. Now Meghan will learn just how far she'll go to save someone she cares about, to stop a mysterious evil no faery creature dare face…and to find love with a young prince who might rather see her dead than let her touch his icy heart. (Goodreads)
My Thoughts

It's been awhile since I've posted and since then I've read all of the Percy Jackson books and I've ultimately obsessed with it so excuse my somewhat detachment in this post. :3

This was another one of those books that I've been looking for, for a while. Surprise, surprise. I've heard a lot about it and was kinda weary when I began reading it and boy did it live up to my expectations. 

Megan Chase is just your average girl who feels just a little out of place. With Her best friend Robbie, a fairy in disguise, right by her side. What she doesn't know is that her father is actually the fairy king Oberon and to save her missing brother she must visit the Fairy World and find the Iron King. Although things don't go as smoothly as planned. She risks death, loss, and even falling in love.

The entire plot was awesome and the characters were so likable. Not to mention the whole Robbie vs Ash thing going on. That was hilarious. x3 Is there anything better than two hot guys fighting over you?  The world of fairy's was just as awesomely created. Everything was really oddly placed and surreal when you read it that you couldn't help but want to go there. To put it lay man's terms, it was awesome.

Cover/Title: It's really pretty and the colors are really eye catching. It's just one of those things that can carry a series.

My Percy Jackson Binge

February 2, 2011

I was sitting on my bed the other day, having come home from an awesome sleepover when it suddenly hit me. I haven't read Percy Jackson yet. I don't really know where this thought came from seeing as it's so random, but it was totally true. I mean, I had the first two books, but I've never really bothered to pick them up and read them until now. 

I walked over to my book shelf and grabbed the first one. I was really reluctant to read them because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to connect with these young characters, but it turns out, it made me enjoy it even more.

I dropped everything I was reading and am now determined to finish the series this week. I still have the fourth and fifth book to go and won't be satisfied without them. I'm going to try and get back to my normal novels but until then... PERCY JACKSON ROCKS!!!

Review: Bruiser by Neal Shusterman

January 31, 2011

Bruiser by Neal Shusterman
336 pages
Published June 29th 2010 by HarperTeen 


Don't get me started on the Bruiser. He was voted "Most Likely to Get the Death Penalty" by the entire school. He's the kid no one knows, no one talks to, and everyone hears disturbing rumors about. So why is my sister, BrontË, dating him? One of these days she's going to take in the wrong stray dog, and it's not going to end well.

My brother has no right to talk about Brewster that way—no right to threaten him. There's a reason why Brewster can't have friends—why he can't care about too many people. Because when he cares about you, things start to happen. Impossible things that can't be explained. I know, because they're happening to me.

My Thoughts 

I've read some of Shusterman's other books and they was absolutely amazing (Unwind gave me chills). Bruiser was no exception. It was a super easy that I finished in a mere three hours. 

Told from different points of view, we get the whole story on out Brewster, a strange boy who doesn't have many friends for a very good reason. Unlike Unwind, it was told in a more present day setting and very relate able for regular high schoolers. They go to a normal school and know normal people with the exception of the one boy. 

Bronte and Tennyson, a set of twin who, more often than not fight, similar to your average siblings. Although, they share more than genetics. Brewster, Bronte's social experiment turned boyfriend is also one of Tennyson's best friends. The character dynamics are strong and really interesting to read about. They're serious and amusing all at the same time.

What I loved was the fact that everything that happened in the booked seemed like it would've really turned out that way if it happened in real life. It's was overly predictable or complete off, but just right. The chapter title were also something I definitely looked forward too. Because Bronte and Tennyson are the children of English professors, each chapter is named about a word that is used in it. Needless to say, my vocabulary grew.

Eventually, when you get enough into the book really feel sympathy for these characters. Brewster has to deal with so much and his POVs show this. When ever you read his poem-like chapters it really hits your chords and allows you to see what kind of chaos he has to live in. His struggles trying to balance his dooming friendships, his uncle, his little brother Cody (who, by the way, has amazing chapters as well), and his girlfriend.

All in all, there really wasn't much I didn't like about this book. It was kind of short and I would've loved to read more, but  what's there now tells the story very well. So believe me when I say that this book totally worth the read.

Once again, initially it was the cover that drew me to this book. It was modern, chic, and really appealing. I really liked it. :)

Review: Blood Price by Tanya Huff

January 22, 2011

Blood Price by Tanya Huff
Paperback, 336 pages
Published October 7th 2004 by Orbit (first published 1991)
Paperback (Amazon



It began with blood and death amid the streets of late-night Toronto. Vicki Nelson, formerly of Toronto's homicide detail, now a private investigator, witnessed the first attack by the force of dark magic that would soon wreak its reign of terror on the unsuspecting city. And as death followed unspeakable death, Vicki became more and more deeply enmeshed in an investigation which would see her renewing her stormy relationship with her former police partner, Mike Celluci, even as she teamed up with writer Henry Fitzroy, in a desperate attempt to track down the source of the seemingly unstoppable attacks. For Fitzroy, the illegitimate son of Henry VIII, had knowledge of realms beyond the mortal acquired over the centuries during which he'd mastered his own insatiable needs - the life-from-death cravings of a vampire.
Henry Fitzroy had long since learned to survive without killing, learned the skills needed to blend in with the human race. But unless he, Vicki, and Mike could find the key to conquering the magic-raised menace stalking the streets of Toronto, Fitzroy's true identity might soon be exposed and his life might prove forfeit to the uncontrollable fears of humankind. And without Henry Fitzroy, mere mortals like Vicki and Mike would not long survive against the ancient force of chaos that had been loosed on their world. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts 

I'm probably going to be the first to say that I'm a rabid fan girl of anything vampire or werewolf. If you say it's in there, I'll most likely read it. (Pathetic, right? :P ) So, when I found this little book on the ground at my library I just couldn't resist. I read the synopsis and I instantly got it. I mean a vampire and a private investigator?! I was amazed that something this awesome could exist. Although, in retrospect, it doesn't seem all that unusual anymore, but it definitely holds its own.

The book started well enough, and before long I couldn't put it down, despite sometimes knowing what'll happen next. Now, I'll admit, it's not the most beautifully written book, nor does it have an amazing plot. The characters, at most were a step above mediocre and the story was sometimes pretty predictable. What's worst, is that, more often than not, their problems were way to easily solved.

One problem I had was the way Vikki handled the fact that Henry was a vampire. I mean, calm and collected is can be entertaining but hardly believable. And the "thing" between Vikki wand Celluci? What was that about? And Henry?! I didn't know that there was suppose to be a growing relationship between her and the vampire until the very end of the novel (maybe it's because I'm thick, but I seriously didn't see something like that coming). And the side character Tony who exists seemingly to give some vampire blood is just okay with it? Where's the screaming? Where's the shock?

Another thing was the fact that many of the other characters were really somewhat annoying and stupidly ignorant with the whole situation. And Norman? Gah...

I know I'm totally ranting but I need to put that out there. But, despite all this, I loved the book. It was entertaining, clever, and definitely worth my time. It wasn't until I was finished with it that I learned there was how based on it, so obviously I'll be watching that soon. Anyways, excuse me while I go out and check the next few in the series. :D

Taking into consideration that this cover is a lot better than the one that it was published with in the 90s I'd have to say that it's definitely not as bad as it could be *coughthiscough* .
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